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MUTATION , an alteration in the genetic material the genome or the cell of the living organism or of a virus that is more or less permanent and that can be transmitted to the cell’s and virus’s descendants.

Doctors in ITLY claim that CORONAVIRUS has weakened and become a shadow of the disease that rapidly spread around the world.

The cases are decreasing and the patients are showing much smaller amounts of the virus in their systems, compared to samples taken during the peak of the crisis in March and april, they said.

The new CORONAVIRUS is mutating – as the virus that causes COVID-19 travelled out of CHINA and proliferated across the globe, it developed small mutations that accumulated into distinct version of the virus.
Scientists can now tell these versions apart by peering into the viral genome.

Viruses can mutate to become less dangerous to avoid being wiped out. It’s a part of the virus life cycle.
Those shifts and changes are not always a big deal.

The new CORONAVIRUS is an RNA virus, a collection of genetic material packed inside a protein shell.

RNA viruses like the flu and measeles are more prone to changes and mutation compared with DNA viruses, herpes, smallpox.

However, the changes are so slight there is no noticeable difference in diseases transmission and fatality rates.

The virus is mutating but not everywhere,
In INDIA , the director of Hyderabad lab, which is actively conducting experiments to study the COVID-19 virus said there is no evidence to show the virus is weaker in INDIA compared to the other parts of the world it has spread.

The scientist at CCMB are working on developing virus antibodies to fight COVID-19.

On hydroxychloroquine usage to treat COVID-19 patients, mishra said that there is no scientific proof that the anti malaria drug is effective against COVID-19.
At the same time, he said frontline workers are being given the medicine as virus protection.

Scientists and experts are working on developing the vaccine to fight against COVID-19. All are waiting for the vaccine, only when the vaccine is made we can breathe peacefully.


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