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Inactive polio vaccine (IPV) is the only polio vaccine that has been given in the United States since 2000. IPV is given by shot in the leg or arm, depending on the pateints age.

All the world waits for the COVID-19 vaccine, scientists are evaluating two tried -and- true vaccines for TUBERCULOSIS and POLIO to see if they can offer limited protection against COVID-19.

Vaccines developed against TB and polio have already been used in millions of people and could offer a low – risk way to rev up the body’s first line of defense – the innate immune system – against a broad array of pathogens, including the COVID-19.

Tests are already underway to see if the TB and polio vaccine can slow down the new CORONAVIRUS. As per Washington post, other researchers writing in a scientific journal Thursday propose using the polio vaccine , which one was melted on children’s tongue.

The trial of TB and polio vaccine have begun in the United States, the Netherlands and Australia.

” There is the only vaccine in the world that can be given to combat COVID-19 right now”, said Jeffrey D. Cirillo , a professor of microbial parthenogenesis and immunology at Texas A and M Health Science Centre, who is leading a trial of the TB vaccine.

TB vaccine triggers a general immune response that helps the body fight off invades until the immune system has time to develop specific antibodies.

Scientists believe that this temporary immune boost could provide protection for virus.

The trials started after research comparing rates of COVID-19 infections in countries the widely use the TUBERCULOSIS vaccine against those that do not initially draw attention to the idea that it could offer protection. If shown effective, those vaccine could potentially provide protection against the second wave of COVID-19.

“There is no significant difference to those who received the vaccine and those who did not”. ” Facts have a nasty habit of overturning circumstantial evidence”, said Raza , adding that the only way to prove it is through future prospective trials.

“Using TB vaccines, including the oral poliovirus would not be a permanent solution , but rather a temporary fix that may buy time until a COVID-19 vaccine hits the market” , said CHUMAKOV Co – Author Of Science piece.

MICHAEL J.BUCHMEIR , a professor is the division of infectious disease at the university of California at Irvine, said there was a risk that such vaccine could have the opposite of the intended effect, making the immune response too strong.
“In its extreme, Buchmeir said, this results in the cytokine storm” that can CATASTROPHIC effects on the body.

The protection would wane with time, but the beginning of an outbreak is an important time to keep the virus from spreading, ” said CHUMAKOV, nothing that unlike the vaccine for TUBERCULOSIS , there are three types of oral poliovirus vaccine that could be administered back to back as soon as the immunity- boosting effects of one wears off , potentially extending such temporary protection.


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