COVID-19 AND DIABETES: do’s or not do’s and diet tips for diabetes

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The virus of COVID-19 attack more on those whose resistance power or immunity power is weak. CORONAVIRUS infection is so dangerous that we do not have any treatment, nor have any successful vaccine.

DIABETES – It is a systematic disease which affects the whole body due to lack of INSULIN HARMONE and it is a group of disease that results in too much h sugar in food.

There are two types of diabetes:-
TYPE 1- A condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.
TYPE 2- A chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose).

So,when we say that the infection of the COVID-19 virus affects those people whose resistance is low. DIABETES patients are at the top of it.

There is a higher risk of infection in the patients of diabetes than the rest of the people,because diabetes is a dangerous disease that fastly makes the body weaker.

Especially in people who may not control diabetes, those who do not take right diet,do not take their medicine on time, or do not take it properly, those whose weight is very high, and those who have not been diagnosed yet.

Now a thought may have come in your mind now, that if you have diabetes and you are at a higher risk of COVID-19 . If you want to avoid it then, what should you do and do not :-

Take your medicines on time.
• Take your medicines in the right doses.
• Take medicines continuously, do not skip.
• In your diet- eat chappati which is made from millets and corn flour instead of wheat flour.
• Take sprouts daily , it contains huge amount of protein and vitamins .
• Do physical activities like household works, yoga or exercise.
• Do not eat rice , it contains carbohydrates or glucose which is not good for you.
• There is a lack of protein in the diabetes paitents due to which body becomes weaker , you need to eat protein rich foods.
• Drink excess water because in diabetes patients suffers some urinary infection due to which sometimes huge amount of urine passes through urinal track and your body may be dehydrated so , drink excess water.
• And you need to be mentally fit and strong to fight against COVID-19 .

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