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For a long time, viral news has been circulating on social media and claims that CORONAVIRUS does not affect vegetarians because it requires animal fat in the body to survive. The claim has been attributed to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO).

But ANTI FAKE NEWS WAR ROOM (AFWA) has found that there is no scientific evidence yet to prove that vegetarians are safe from CORONAVIRUS.

The WHO has not said that CORONAVIRUS cannot affect vegetarians and it needs animal fat in the body to survive.

In fact, THE GLOBAL HEALTH BODY has recommended animal proteins in its nutrition advice for adults during the COVID-19 outbreak.

There is no proof, says prominent health expert and president of the public health foundation of India, professor K. SRINATH REDDY, even vegetarians have been affected because this CORONAVIRUS travels through droplet infection and enters in the body, he said.
However, people who are taking a lot of fruits and vegetables as part of their natural diet have been innate immunity and they may be able to fight against COVID-19 much better, said teddy.

It is better for vegetarians and non – vegetarians to have a lot of fresh fruits to the extent we can to boost our innate immunity to fight against COVID-19.

Shakshi Singh

Saathi News Health Writer Bringing Top Health News

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