Uber, Ola Services Resume In Some Regions

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Popular Cab Services Company will now resume their work. Due to Global Pandemic Covid-19 all transport services was stopped. Now with the permission from govt. uber , ola will resume their services.

With the 10 new cities, Uber will be available in total of 35 cities in the country. The company had earlier resumed operations in 25 cities.


Ola said driver-partners operating three and four-wheelers on the platform will be available in the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu (except Chennai), Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Assam.

Almost after 50 days these services has been starting this has also bring relief to the drivers-partners whose livelihoods depend on serving citizens on a daily basis. In all of the over 160 cities where Ola is now operational, enhanced safety protocols are applicable across every single trip.

Some Of the safety precautions announced by Ola & Uber For Drivers are :

  • Uber and Ola had announced that its riders and driver-partners are required to wear masks during a ride.
  • Uber and Ola’s riders are not allowed to switch on the AC. They are advised by the companies to sit at the rear seat and open windows for ventilation.
  • Ola will allow only two passengers to board the cab excluding the driver. They are required to sit by the windows on the rear of the car and not next to the driver.
  • The companies have urged the riders to make payment through wallets or any digital platform to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Both Ola and Uber have given the leverage to its rider and driver-partners to cancel the trip anytime they feel the other person has not taken adequate safety measures or is not wearing a mask. He or she will not be charged a cancellation fee if the issue is reported via the app.
  • Uber has developed a special technology called the Go Online Checklist, which will be used to confirm whether a driver has taken necessary safety measures or not and whether he is wearing a mask or not. Only when the details are confirmed, the driver can start his services. Ola too has a similar setup which would require its drivers to authenticate whether they are wearing masks or not before the start of every ride by sharing a selfie through their partner app.


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