Traditional Indian Kitchen

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Traditional Indian kitchen. Was to be entered into only after the mandatory bath.
Sanitized and cleans today is kitchen have no place for grease, shoot or stains
Both cooking and dining happen on a platform
You are what’ you eat goes the adage established the age old connect between cuisine and culture pantry and people. After all, it is only in the kitchen that elements as varied as the five sense combine with ritual and regulations heritage and history to give insights into people and civilization.
Kitchen is a space that reflects the culture and economic status of a family.
The kitchen as it has the evolution through the age is also indicative of changing time with old giving way to the new.
Once upon time, the traditional Indian kitchen was sacrosanct to be entered any after the mandatory both.
A room which housed the gods where they were not only worshipped but offered the. First helping of what. Was cooked where the cooking and the eating happened at the same level.
Both cooking and dining happen on a raise platform and the aim is ease of operations and also comfort while eating or entertaining.
So how and why did this change happen?
A major change in the preparation and the kind of thing wo stock on took place in an urban-meddle Class home 10 year ago.
Till not so long ago maintaining the kitchen as the sole responsibility of the women.
Witch the pressure modern day living however today urban kitchen calls for shared responsibility between the working couple.
They are designed in a way that aids the dinning and entertaining habits of the household with a good fridge, dishwasher, microwave and other accessories.
A food become less and less control and the lady of the no use looked for liberation from the kitchen. Easy to cook meals, frozen food, pre-cooked food fill supermarket shellers and home cooked meals were outsourced.
But there are those purists who are going back to old, Time tasted traditional and rituals to preserve heritage the out heritage of the process and the food itself.

Sushant Sharma

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