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The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible“. -ALBERT EINSTEIN from ” Physics and Reality”(1936).

What you think why did the one of the greatest physicist of all time meant by this above statement. Think.


We are not here to create puzzles for our readers. Before heading towards here is the list of content of this topic:

  • What is science?
  • PHYSICS around you.
  • Conclusion

Some readers might be questioning why to even consider physics or to spend their time reading about it as they can google anything at any time.

Yes, we appreciate your questions, and here is the answer to your questions.

The main motto of is to provide information to every-reader and moreover the information should not be painted. This is an initiative by saathinews to aware our readers about Science. NOW,

Many of you may have encounter science in their primary classes and have some basic idea of science or some may resemble their image of science as

What is science?

The word science originates from Latin verb scientia meaning TO KNOW.

What is science and how science is used to to know our world with a better understanding.

Science is a systematic attempt to understand natural phenomena in as much detail possible.

To make a standard so that if someone wants to know the speed of the drifting car at two different spaces of the world performed by two different experts a need of the hour was a need of a standard so that we can perform experiments with ease. For this,

Scientific method is evolved. It consist of several interconnected steps: Systematic observations, controlled experiments, Qualitative and quantitative reasoning, mathematical modelling and verification or falsification of theories, speculation and conjecture.


As science is to know so physics is natural science which includes disciplines like chemistry, biology and many more.

We are not going to confuse you by bombarding new terms all at once so don’t worry as there is going to be the whole series for physics.

Yes, you read it right a whole series. We are taking baby steps but don’t forget drop by drop ocean is made and be ready to be the ocean of knowledge.

Some of you might be thinking can I understand physics I am too old, I am too weak at understanding new concepts, Physics is not my subject it doesn’t come in my domain.

Don’t worry that’s why we are making a whole new series on it which will not judge you on your age, your IQ and as you read above in this article the meaning of physics to know nature, it doesn’t include age or IQ .

If you have the desire to know you can know Physics.

PHYSICS around you

We are not going to tell you about How semiconductors responsible for caring information or how your touch capacitive screen works due to the charge on your hands. You will learn Physics by walking, riding your bicycle, or while sitting.

Walking And Physics
source: studiosguy

Now, when you get ready for your office/school, you certainly have to walk up to a certain distance for your destination or even if you riding your bike straight to your class.

While you have a walk in a park or on a tar road, you have a good grip without slipping because of a sort of roughness or resistance between the soles of your shoes and the surface of the road. This resistance, which is responsible for the grip, is called “Friction” or “Traction.” However, when a banana peel comes under your foot, you suddenly fall. Now, what makes you fall?

Well, it’s due to the reduced friction between your shoes and the surface of the road because of the slippery banana peel.


Now you know Physics is natural science i.e. to know the nature and why did you slip last time as stepped on banana peel.



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