‘Bhai wapas jaroor aana’

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With the rise of the Covid-19, there’s a rise in victims too. Many people just want to be back at thier home from town to their villages. Because they think town is place to earn not a place to live and there would be less chance of starvation. Exactly its right. The unity which we cannm see in viallages isnt visible in the town.

Many celebrities started their campaigns, some donated the huge amt for relief purposes, some given their places as a quarantine shelter. Among all these, we have our reel life villain doing a heroic job in real life. Yes, I’m mentioning Mr. Sonu Sood here.


Social media is flooding with the effort of this man. A few days ago, he started a campaign. And under this, he contacted some migrants labor and provided the buses to their places.

Sonu Sood is still busy helping poor migrants. To give the best and his maximum potential his team had introduced a toll-free number. And he appealed them to return too. And he also said in a recent interview, “I got thousands of calls. When we saw that there are many migrants who aren’t able to contact us then we introduced a call centre for this very reason. We are not sure of the number of calls but we tried our best.”

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