Entertain yourself in pandemic

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Due to pandemic ,the most challenging part for the people who used to spend most of their time outside are forced to live indoors and this led to various problems like mental , economic etc.
Most of the people are facing mental problems these days.

Entertainment is something what we do to keep ourself happy.
Usually when we think about entertainment we plan for movies , travelling , playing , spending time with friends, closer ones etc.
As we all are staying indoors we have to think some ways which makes us happy as well as help us to develop our skills.


First of all make a list of things which we have always wanted to do but due to the busy schedule we were unable to do.

Secondly, make a routine and mention all the things you have listed and follow the routine strictly.

The most important point to be remembered is that this is the time you can learn whatever you wanted to and you are not going to get this precious time again so utilize it and make yourself valuable.

Entertainment is not always doing something that making us only happy .

To keep our body as well as mental health strong activities like yoga , meditation and exercise must be included in the routine .

Talk to the people who motivate us and guide us .

Except all these dancing , singing , playing indoor games etc. can be added in the routine .

Siddhi Tekriwal

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