Environment- Our Home

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The environment is the natural house of all the living and Non – living things.
It can be the whole world or a particular area affected by the geographical, physical and climatic factors.

We say the environment is our house but in reality when we come to a conclusion we really don’t mean it. We all have a house in which we live. If anyone enters and tries to create unhygienic conditions, do we like it?


The same condition should be applied to our environment.
If we really think it is our house, this is our responsibility to keep our environment a safe and hygiene place.

Technology and development in various fields had led to various environmental problems.

Human beings have exploited the environment to such an extent due to which normal environmental problems had affected badly.

God has gifted us an environment with precious biotic and abiotic resources in which some are exhaustible and some are inexhaustible so if we will continue to exploit our environment, a time will come when our future generations will not be able to able to utilize these resources.

So, let us take a pledge to keep our environment clean as our home.

Siddhi Tekriwal

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