Humans are the most dangerous virus

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It’s been said now that human are the most dangerous virus in the world.Humans are getting disastrous day by day. Now it’s a case of a elephant who was pregnant.The painful death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala after a man fed him with a cracker filled pineapple has enraged the people.This disastrous incident for reported today and lot of people feeling shamed about it.She was ellegedely given the pineapple to eliminate her.The crackers exploded in her mouth,damaging her jaws.This inhuman act has enraged the people.Many took to social media to express their resentment and anger towards the evil people who did this and the people demanded strict action against the culprits.Different people expressed their angers and emotions with different posters and sketches.We are thinking over that why some people are so devastating? Did they enjoy hurting others ? While writing this I am feeling so bad about that pregnant elephant and even thinking that humans are really so dangerous? Or animals are dangerous for us ? Pity animals and bad humans this is the sheer truth of our country.

Siddhi Tekriwal

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