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If we look back towards mishappenings which is taking its root every year at distinct parts of world.
We can analyze, what had we done with our mother earth.
This is nothing but the results of what we have been sowing for years.
If we talk about disasters like drought, flood, cyclone, epidemic, pandemic, also murders, rapes, violence all these are just uprooting the lives , pushing people towards end.

The pandemic is just an alarm to notify us that this is only left to be reaped after sowing so much of negativity in an environment for years. “There is more to come .”
Saving the beautiful planet is really a daunting task but if there are mental unity and the spirit to upright the things, one can overcome any difficult situation.

We still have time to realize that once all this chaos is over, we take an oath not to lead the life the same way where we just use to think about our own selves, our own needs, but now will be a time where we will be concerned about our environment. Let’s unite and take an oath that once this destruction is over, we all will take care of our mother earth by whatever means we can. Taking care of a country or a city is not just a task of government but the people who live in it.

The main meaning of life lies in giving. Life is useless if we do not live for each other. Nobody is mortal, everyone has to die. So why not devote this life in helping others. After all, we all are one.
Life is meaningful, they say, but its value is made by us in our minds, and subject to change over time.
In this critical time, let your minds be free of negativity and help people who are in need.
As it is rightly said, what we saw that we reap”.

Siddhi Tekriwal

Saathi News Lifestyle & Fashion Writer Bringing Top Lifestyle & Fashion News

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