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The MENSTRUAL CYCLE is the regular natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system that makes pregnancy possible.
Your menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of your last periods. Your periods is considered irregular if its longer than 38 days.

The problem of having late periods is very common and can be distressing.
Especially for those womens who are used to having regular periods or is concerned about an unexpected pregnancy.

There are many reasons that why womens missed or having irregular periods.

STRESS – Both physical and psychological stress are the worst enemy of the human body.
Womens bend to suffer from chronic stress caused by the double burden of work life balance and sickness including medical procedures. This chronic stress releases controsil in their system, sending their bodies into emergency mode, leading the body to shut down all unnecessary bodily functions like menstruation cycle and focus only on the survival of the body.

OVERWEIGHT OR OBESITY – Obesity is known to cause menstrual irregularity. Being overweight impacts hormone and insulin levels, which can interfere with your menstrual cycle. Excessive fat affects the production of estrogen in the body , it leads to unregulated endometrial growth which then negatively affects the menstrual cycle.

WEIGHT LOSS – Sudden weight loss can cause a delay in your menstrual cycle or may even lead you to skip a month’s cycle entirely. Weight loss due to illness or eating disorders can cause stress on the body. Being underweight also means to produce adequate amounts of hormones for the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME (PCOS) – Irregular periods are the most common sign of PCOS.
PCOS is caused when the level of Male hormones in the women’s body rise , disturbing the delicate balance between TESTOSTERONE , PROGESTERONE and OESTROGEN in a women’s body. This imbalances causes the formation or no periods at all.

PCOS can also cause : –
• Infertility
• Excess facial and body hair
• Male pattern baldness
• Weight gain or obesity

DIET – A bad diet is the biggest contributor to several health issues in young and adults today.
If your diet largely consists of junk food it could lead to you suffering from deficiency of various important vitamins and minerals.
This could create a hormonal imbalances in your body leading to irregular and painful periods.

PREGNANCY – pregnancy can cause you to miss your periods or experience spotting.
Other symptoms of early pregnancy may include:-
• Morning sickness
• Nausea
• Sensitivity to smell
• Breast tingling or tenderness

HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL – Hormonal birth control pills and hormones containing INTRAUTERINE DEVICES (IUDs) can cause irregular bleeding it also may cause heavy bleeding.
Birth control pills may spotting between periods and results in much lighter periods.

EXERCISE – Exercising is very great for health but exposing your body to strenuous work out for a longer time may lead to low development of oestrogen and cause irregular periods.

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