Fitness goals by Malaika Arora

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Fitness goals by our all time beauty Malaika Arora.Nowadays fitness is not only about being fit or building body, gradually it is becoming a trend and people are becoming more conscious to look slim, beautiful and hotšŸ”„.

They don’t know what exactly fitness means but still they want to do it.This is nowdays because of our showoff world who is looking after each other and getting engaged in such activities.


They are not interested in physical games , evening walk , jogging but more attracted towards gym ,yoga classes , dance classes.

Fitness is not about showing off by joining classes and posting videos related to it.Its about how much your body works much you walk, how much u bend, how much u run, how much your body parts works.

fitness can be done at home by doing all the physical works at home , by walking in your home , running , performing yoga at your place and many more..

These actresses work day and night to look slim and beautiful. For gaining such slim body you need to take care of your diet as well.

So increase your immunity system by performing yoga ,aerobics , play physical games with families just at your place without waiting for the gym , dance classes etc to open..

This will help you in increasing your immune system and you will become fit,healthy and nothing will stop you from looking beautiful and attractive.By doing this Corona can’t reach to you so easily.

Stay fit , stay home, stay safe

Siddhi Tekriwal

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