Tips to boost your immunity to fight viruses

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Be positive – try to face challenges calmly. Do yoga or meditation daily . Where a calm mind supports the self healing powers and give power to overcome the fear.
Healthy diet – it is very important to take a balance diet. Add more green veggies and healthy foods in your diet and avoid junk foods like cheese ,fried foods and spicy foods.
Tongue scrubbing and gargling- tongue scrubbing helps to remove bacteria ,micro-organisms and gargling give the virus less chance to go down to the lungs.
Lungs also needs care like body- regular do steaming with ajwain and inhale, it helps to reduce virus .
keep away nasal cavity- keep your nostrils clean it helps to stengthen the immunity task of the nose and keep nasal cavity or virus away , thus the virus can’t go down to your lungs.
Keep your immune system strong-take some natural immunity boosters in your daily life like turmeric,ginger,tulsi,coriander seeds ,cumin seeds it boosts your immune system and make stronger and helps to fight against viruses.
Drink 6 liters of water daily – drink warm water instead of cold water are advised Drink more and more water,so there is more chance that you will wash the virus down.water helps to digest food easily and hydrates your body.
Regular exercise or yoga-do daily exercise or yoga in the morning it helps you to removes toxins from your body.

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