Another actor, Kiran Kumar tested positive for coronavirus.

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Another actor tested positive for coronavirus.Veteran film and T.v actor kiran kumar has tested positive for coronavirus and is currently under home quarantine.Thw 74 years old actor said he is asymptomatic and is doing absolutely shows no symptoms of coronavirus.

He is not suffering from cold cough, fever and any such syptom that would say that he is suffering from coronavirus.He is absolutely fine..He said “on 14th may he went hospital for a medical check up where Covid-19 test was mandatory.So he got himself tested and the results were positive.


But he said he has no symptoms nor do he has now , he is perfectly fine and he is self home quarantined” Kumar said to PTI.

He is a famous actor who have worked in films like Dhakan, mujhse dosti karoge and many more.He quoted that he was tested positive 10 days before but he still has not developed any symptoms.

He added that he lives in the third floor and his family lives in the second floor.On 26 or 27th may he will get his second coronvirus test done.
On Saturday , Maharashtra recorded total 47,190 coronvirus cases with 1,577 death numbers.

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