Domestic help at Risk

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Domestic help are at a great risk nowadays.Producer Boney Kapoor has informed that domestic help at his residence at Green Acres, Lokhandwala complex charan sahu aged 23 years was tested positive of coronavirus.

He was unwell on Saturday evening and Mr Kapoor sent him for test and kept in isolation.Every one was worried about the Kapoor family as they are well or not.After recieving the test reports the society authorities were informed who then informed BMC. Immediately BMC and state govt Authorities have started the process of getting him into a quarantine centre.


Mr kapoor added , He, All the members of his family and all the staffs at his home are all fine and none of them are showing any symptoms of covid -19.He further added that no one from his family has stepped out of home from the lockdown period..They are all indoors.They are all following all the rules and cooperating with the governmemt.

This is to convey that our daily wage workers , domestic help , farmers, labourers etc are at higher risk then any one else.Try not to call them and give them full wages.It will be a big releif for our government and docters as well.

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