Mahabharat actor satish kaul facing financial isssues.

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Satish kaul, who played role of lord Indra in mahabharat has appealed to the industry that he is bankrupt now and needs help for his basic needs.Nowadays the conditions have become worst due to this lockdown and everyone is facing some of the financial issues.

Satish call who is a veteran punjabi.He has worked in several Hindi films and shows including mahabharat.He said that he is facing financial issues and due to the lockdown his conditions are more worse.
He has worked in almost 300 hindi and punjabi films and is in a critical situation nowadays.

He don’t have enough money to buy medicines and stuffs for him.His comments on the rumours that he don’t live in a old age home.Currently he is living in a small rented house.He is struggling for medicines , groceries and some basic needs.He appealed to the industry to help him in this worse conditions.He has got lot of love as actor but now he is struggling due to financial issues.

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