Mahboob studio used to treat infected patients.

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Covid -19 cases are increasing day by day.This a cause of stress but people have started taking it lightly.The lockdown seems to be almost finished as corwds can be seen in many of the places.Why are people not understanding this pandemic?

This is not a common flu that will just reside for 4 or 5 days, doctors are risking their lives just for us .Quarantine centres have been made by the government.Many hotels and railways have been made quarantine cantres for the infected ones.Never thought of this situation.

India is struggling mainly the poor class people suffering from this.In these tough times we are happier to know that we are all together and we will together face it.In this tough times , the Mahboob studio, the same location has now been used to assist 1000 affected Corona patients. Mahboob studio where film stars were seen and recorded on cameras, nowadays recording patients in it.Never thought that Mahboob studio will one day be used as a medical facility instead of film shoots .

People now need to be more conscious about this virus and need to take more precautions while performing any activity just to save your lives.

Siddhi Tekriwal

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