Preksha Mishra commits suicide.

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This covid-19 leads to many problems now.Human were only stressed up for this coorna virus but now cases of suicide are becoming common.This is due to economical pressure and economical crises to many.People are facing financial problems and much more. In between all this , popular TV actress Preksha Mehta, best known for featuring in shows like crime petrol, Meri durga and Lal ishq has reportedly committed suicide in her residence here.she was 25. According to a police inspector, she was suffering from depression for a while.Preksha who has moved to Mumbai two years ago for reportedly worried due to the lockdown and worried that she might not get work after the lockdown ends.According to reports the actress hanged herself last night but her family got to know next morning.Preksha’s father was the first person to see her and rushed to the hospital but she was declared dead.
I know gyes u all are going through a tough stage in life but please don’t commit suicide.we have to face it all together

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