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The mangoes season is here. The one and only good thing about the summer season is the mango. We all wait for the summers so than we can eat those delicious mangoes which is sadly not available throughout the year, unlike apple and kiwi.

But a lot of people these days avoid eating mangoes as much as they would like.

They think that eating mangoes everyday could make you put on weight.

But what if we tell you that this favourite fruit of yours with such delicious taste can also help you to lose weight.

Yes , it can!!!!!

Read on to know what are the benefits of eating mangoes and how can it help you to lose weight :

Mangoes are fat free, cholesterol free and salt fre and are super fruits for summers.
“Excess of everything makes you gain weight. “

Similarly, in the case with mango , if you eat above the calorie limit, you are bound to gain weight, so the misconception around mangoes making you gain weight might not be true after all. Maintaining portion is key here.

In fact , mangoes can help in loosing weight, only if they are eaten within a specific calorie limit.

Mango is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A and iron , copper , potassium that’s great for the body . It keep your body energetic and active throughout the day.

A medium sized mango is approximately 150 grams. The additional calories will obviously lead to weight gain.
But replacing your healthy snake make one lose weight .
It’s always better to have mangoes in place of snacks and unhealthy foods in order to promote weight loss.


– Mangoes are fat free, cholesterol free. If you are eat above the calorie limit you are bound to gain weight so , you need to control your portion.
A 100 gm serving of ripe mango pulp has a mere 60 calories. Therefore, you can eat raw mango pulp if you like, so long as it’s in smaller portion.

■ DO NOT EAT IT WITH LUNCH – If you want to enjoy mango on a summer day without gaining weight, don’t eat it with meal because eating it with meal can make you consume more calories, without serving any purpose other than satisfying your sweet tooth.

EAT IT AS A SNACK – Mangoes are a great snack and they rich with fiber. So, eat mango pulp with specific limit as an evening snack. It can help you to stay away from fried and unhealthy snacks in order to promote weight gain.

■ EAT IT BEFORE WORK – OUT – Approximately 100 gm serving of mango pulp has contain fibre, carbohydrat , vitamins , sugar , making it serve as an energy booster.
Eat mangoes before work out sessions it is a great pre – workout food.

AVOID ADDING SWEETNERS – Mango is already very sweet fruit and it you adding sugar or other sweetners in the mango going to make you gain weight due to unnecessary calories.


Shakshi Singh

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