Not Required To Wear Masks Outdoor: Beijing

Not required to wear masks outdoorBeijing health authorities removed the requirement for wearing masks to go outdoorRelaxation has given in Cornavirus as the city has not reported any COVID cases in the last 13 days.

Beijing Capital of China has not recorded any new coronavirus cases in the last 13 daysIt is the second time when Beijing’s health authority has given relaxation on mask-wearing.In late April Beijing Authority gave relaxation but in June the rule was taken back, as new COVID cases traced

Still, a large portion of the population has decided to continue wearing masksAs some people feel safe in masks and some others wear masks due to social pressure.

Also, China has reported no new cases on the mainland from the last five daysExperts say that the country has controlled COVID cases by strict enforcement of local rules like mandatory home quarantine, participating in mass testing, wearing masks

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