Career in Politics

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People judge politics on various aspects. Some think it is quite interesting and some think it is very dangerous.

If you want a carrier in politics you have to be very determined , brave , bold and strong hearted .
Be focused and talk straight forward to people .


The first step in this field is to be known by the people in your surrounding.

Most of the people think money is the important thing but the most important thing is your behaviour. Be polite , kind and helpful to people.
The second step is to form a group of trusted people who will stand with you no matter what the situation is going to be and guide you. Before taking any step discuss with your partners . Be aware of the things happening in the country as well as in the world .

Being talkative is good but in this field you have to think hundred times before you speak . Your words will be counted , evaluated and may be used in different ways that can harm you.
One more thing to be kept in mind is that situation may be very favourable and may be worse sometimes but if you have control on your mind nothing is impossible for you. Set a plan before doing anything.

Normally people who are interested in politics start giving shape to their carrer from the very beginning like involving in University Elections .
It is a better way to get some experience and knowledge while having the studies.

The path of success is not easy in any field . You have to give your 100% and keep your mind, soul focused.

Siddhi Tekriwal

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