PIA flight crashed in Karanchi

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Here’s a new incident in world that happened now.This 2020 seems to be very devastating.

PIA flight crashed in karanchi.It had 107 on board and crashed minute before landing.It has been said that the plain has fell down in a densly populated residential are – Jinaah garden are near model colony in malir – just short of the Jinnah International Airport.Pakistan media reported that Pak Army Quick Reaction force and pakistan rangers are at the crash site to assist in relief and rescue efforts,which have been hindered due to the presence of a large crowd and narrow lanes.


The crash come just days after Pakistan began allowing commercial flights to resume after plans were grounded due to the lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic.

At least 57 bodies have been recovered from the site of the crash but it can’t be said that they were the people from the board as the plain fell down in 4 to 5 houses.

News is coming that model @zaraabidoofficial was reported on the #PIA flight.She survived has been confirmed by the media.

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