Mitron app removed from Google play store

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Mitron app the popular Indian alternative for tiktok has been removed from Google play store.

Mitron app : the popular Indian alternative of TikTok has been removed from Google play store. The app had over 5 million downloads. Google or Mitron haven’t revealed the reason behind the removal of the application from the playstore.


However, chances are strong for the removal of the app is the security issues that many media houses reported earlier this week.

If you have the Mitron app already downloaded on your phone, we suggest you don’t use the app as it comes with several vulnerabilities.

Mitron app has been in news for all the wrong reasons. The app owner Shibank Agarwal a student of IIT Roorkee , brought the source code of the app from a Pakistani coding company Qboxus and rebranded the app as Mitron and launched in India. Before officially launching the app in India Agarwal and his team not even customise the coding or change the privacy policy.

If you have Mitron app installed on your phone, we highly recommend uninstalling the app right away and not use it. There is no way you can delete your account from the app. Users can either logout the app or simply uninstall it.

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