Sony revealed PS 5 design

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Sony Playstation 5 gaming console has been officially unveiled, may launch this year.

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony unveiled its next generation console the PlayStation 5 in all its glory. It’s white, it’s got wings amd it’s designed to stand vertically just like The X box series X. Sony also announced PS 5 degital Edition, which will be available at launch and will come with the 4K Blu-ray disc drive. There is no word on whether it will cost less or offer more storage space, through hopefully at least one of those will be true.

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The company showed off the console next to the new dual sense controller that we debuted back in april.

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony also display a suite of gear like an HD camera, controller, charing station, media remote and pulse 3D wireless headset.

Its unclear at this time if the gear is bundled or optional to add.

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