Utra fast camera that can capture 70 trillion photos per second

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Yes it’s true, a camera that captures 70 Trillion pictures per second. Fast enough to see light waves moving and fluorescent decay of molecules

Just think of it by an example, you are gone for a photoshoot and the camera that the photographer is using can capture up to 10,000 photos per second. Fast enough to capture every different facial expression you give, from opening to closing of your eyes. But this camera can capture even minute movements of your eye muscles Which are even difficult to recognize.

Since this is a scientific camera. This camera is used to see scientific stuff like nuclear fusion, photon transfer in clouds and biological tissues, moving light waves, and could open new avenues of research in fields that include fundamental physics, next-generation semiconductor miniaturization, and the life sciences.

The new camera developed in the lab of Lihong Wang, Bren Professor of Medical engineering and electrical engineering in the Andrew and Peggy Cherng Department of medical engineering, is capable of taking as many as 70 trillions frames per second.

This camera technology, Wang calls Compressed ultrafast spectral photography (CUSP), is similar in some respects to previous fast cameras he has to build like phase-sensitive compressed ultrafast photography, which takes 1 trillion frames per second of transparent objects and phenomena.

CUSP combines laser that emits extremely short pulses of laser light that lasts only one quadrillionth of a second (one femtosecond) with optics and a specialized type of camera. The optics break up individual femtosecond pulses of laser light into a train of even shorter pulses, with each of those pulses capable of producing an image in the camera.

Funding for the research was provided in part by the National Institutes of Health.

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