We are working on 6G Technology : said Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi started its research in 6G technology.

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Xiaomi has already invested too much in 5G technology, but the company started looking for the future connectivity as Xiaomi started its research in 6G technology. It’s true many of us didn’t get 5G phone yet, but technology waits for none.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun told the state-run Xinhua News agency that they started preliminary research on 6G. The executive didn’t give many details, but they’d be joining the likes of Huawei and Samsung in confirming work on 6G.

Jun also added that Xiaomi started preliminary research on satellite internet and how it can work with phones.

As satellite internet is a key technology for the peoples living in rural areas, Xiaomi gives plenty of internet-based services in china, so increasement in internet penetration via satellite internet should benefit the company ultimately.

Lei Jan also said that 5G is going to enable activities like 4K/8K video conferencing cloud gaming and autopilot as it is going to revolutionary for smartphone industry and connectivity.

At the two sessions this year, Lei Jun’s recommendation on improving innovation capability and vigorously developing the commercial Aerospace Industry attracted the appreciation of experts in the aerospace field.

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