Why WeTranfer Not Working? Govt bans file-sharing site

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has banned the popular file-sharing site WeTransfer.com. The DoT has cited national interest and public interest as the reasons for doing so.

[ Screen Capture Of Wetransfer website ]

According to Mirror Mumbai, DoT issued a notice to internet service providers(ISP) across the country to ban three URLs. The first two notices asked to ban two specific URLs on the website whereas the third notice was to ban the entire WeTransfer website.


Wetransfer is banned in India on the grounds of ‘national security’ and ‘public interest’, according to a report. The ban was authorized via an order passed by the (DoT) Department of Telecommunication on 18th May 2020.

WeTransfer is a web-based file-transfer site, which makes it convenient to upload files up to 2GB in size and share it for free with others over the internet without creating an account on website. A premium version of the service allows one to share larger file sizes.

To access WeTransfer, one can do it through a VPN (virtual private network) service. There are many VPN software and apps available for free on the Internet. Also, there are alternate sites for file sharing as well as a way in which WeTransfer itself can be used.

Alternative of Wetransfer

Just download and run the VPN, change your virtual location to any place outside of India and continue to use the Wetransfer service. If you don’t want to use WeTransfer or find the VPN route too complicated, you could also use other file-sharing services of cloud drives such as Google Drive and DropBox. It’s not as smooth an experience as WeTransfer, but it works just as efficiently. On the Android Play Store, there are apps such as FileMail that work similarly to WeTransfer.

WeTransfer is a Dutch internet-based computer file transfer service. The company was founded in Amsterdam and founded in the year 2009.

One of the interesting facts is that the government was an active use of Wetransfer. In the recent past as some of the Press Releases and the Press Information Bureau (PIB) site has Linked to the files being shared through the Wetransfer services.

[ Press release showing link of wetransfer ]

Meanwhile, several user reports on Twitter and other social media channels have confirmed that blockage exists in the whole country and reacted on the ban of Wetransfer.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the service has hugely benefited organizations whose employees were working from home, allowing them to easily share large files with each other. Email attachments typically limit file size to a few MB, while accessing secure file transfer protocol.

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